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    We have no minimum order restrictions.  Your order total (USA only), including shipping, will be calculated by the PayPal shopping cart.  Shipping charges are difficult to estimate, and sometimes are higher or lower than the actual shipping cost.  We don't make any money from shipping charges, and will automatically refund the difference if we overestimate by $5 or more.  Please understand that packing involves labor and materials costs for us; nevertheless, we promise to refund any amount of shipping overpayment if the customer specifically requests it.  We don't charge the customer if we underestimate shipping cost.

    Please note that we ship with USPS Priority Mail, unless the customer requests some other shipping option (like Express Mail or Parcel Post).  It is the customer's responsibility to provide us with a correct USPS address.  We do not ship with UPS or Fedex.  Thanks!

   Shipping charges are calculated as follows:
Order Value Shipping (percentage of order value)
$1 - $19.99 85%
$20 - $49.99 55%
$50 - $99.99 35%
$100 - $199.99 30%
Over $200 25%

    If you prefer not to use PayPal, please print out the shopping cart page, and mail with a check or money order to:

Montoso Gardens
P.O. Box 692
Maricao, Puerto Rico 00606

    For orders outside the United States, please contact us by email for a shipping estimate.  Foreign orders may require a phytosanitary certificate and some countries also require an import permit.  Please check import requirements with your local phytosanitary officials.  We do our best to provide all necessary documentation for foreign orders, but can't be held responsible for problems with customs, phytosanitary issues or foreign mail delivery.  Please note that we do not ship plants to Australia or Canada due to extremely restrictive import regulations.




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