Mangosteen Grafting


The first three photos show Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) grafted onto Garcinia hombroniana rootstock (all photos are of the same tree).  The tree was grafted in 2000 and planted in the field in 2001.  The ruler in the 2005 picture is 36 inches (91 cm) long.

garcinia_mangostana_on_hombroniana_1_year.jpg (98251 bytes)garcinia_mangostana_on_hombroniana_2_year.jpg (150473 bytes)garcinia_mangostana_on_hombroniana_3_year.jpg (67284 bytes)

2002                 2003                 2004


This picture is of Garcinia mangostana grafted onto Garcinia xanthochymus rootstock in 2002, and planted in the field in 2003.  The ruler in the picture is 36 inches (91 cm) long.

garcinia_mangostana_on_xanthochymus_1_year.jpg (74102 bytes)



Although this comparison isn't scientifically valid because the trees were grafted and planted out in different years, are planted in different areas of the farm with different soil, shade and moisture conditions, and the sample size is too small (only a few trees of each), it seems like the G. xanthochymus rootstock produces a more vigorous tree.  At one year from planting, these trees are about the same size as the trees grafted onto G. hombroniana at three years from planting.

This experiment needs to be repeated with a larger sample size (more trees).




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