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    This is a list of websites that we find interesting and useful.  We will be adding new ones as we find them, so please check back.  We hope you enjoy them!



Father Sanchez's Website of West Indian Natural History
A fascinating site with an incredible amount of information and great photos of Caribbean geography, flora and fauna.

El Yunque Innkeepers' Consortium
Information on where to stay and what to see in the Puerto Rico El Yunque rainforest.

Las Casas de la Selva (the Houses of the Forest)
A non-profit educational organization on 1,000 acres of protected habitat in Patillas, Puerto Rico.  A refuge for native flora and fauna as well as a long-term study site for research and limited public and student familiarization in the areas of ecology, botany, forestry, horticulture, soil, ethnobotany and other related environmental disciplines.

Commercial Production of Fruits and Vegetables

Café Pedro Gordo
Organic shade grown coffee from a family farm in the mountains of Utuado, Puerto Rico.

Lychees Online
Get a free Lychee Idea Kit, and browse dozens of lychee articles, recipes and photos, expert advice on lychee fruit and growing lychee trees, PLUS a Lychee Store offering fresh lychee fruit, lychee trees and other hard-to-find lychee products.

Panoramic Fruit Farm
A neighbor of Montoso Gardens, this is the first exotic fruit farm in Puerto Rico, with commercial production of rambutan, mangosteen, durian and longan.


Gardening Information

Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening
"YOU CAN GROW!" using sustainable organic gardening as a medium for creative expression and spiritual growth. Extensive sustainable organic gardening information, workshops, monthly newsletter, organic gardening CD's, virtual tours, links/resources, and more!

Agriculture Today
Directory of reviewed agricultural sites including links to crop farms, livestock breeders, manufacturers, equipment dealers, organizations and financial institutions.

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs
A huge database of garden catalogs, gardening related websites and online plant sources from all over the world.

Garden Internet Directory
An extensive list of gardening related websites.

Garden Watchdog Guide to Gardening by Mail
Get the scoop on 3,370 gardening vendors by reading what their customers have to say, including Montoso Gardens.


Herbs and Spices A Modern Herbal
Originally published in 1931 by Mrs. M. Grieve, contains medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and economic uses, cultivation and folklore of over 800 herbs and plants.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary
Excellent site with great information about 117 different herbs and spices.  Highly recommended.

Indian Institute of Spices Research
Packed with valuable information on the cultivation, varieties, nutrition and processing of 50 different spices.


Natural Health

Asiquesi Vegetarian Cooking
Vegetarian cooking classes by Chef Veronica Rodríguez.  Learn to use local, organic ingredients to make delicious and healthy gourmet meals.

Exotic Island Products
Handcrafted botanical and island inspired soaps and body products, made from 100% vegetable oils and the finest ingredients from nature.  Located in the mountains of Lares, Puerto Rico, and available online.

Women and Cancer:  Opportunities for Prevention
Excellent, well researched and scientifically documented article on how to prevent breast cancer with diet.

Howard Lyman's "Mad Cowboy" Newsletter (December 2007)
Excellent resource for up to date information, articles, recipes and links for environmental, health, and vegetarian issues.  Howard is an ex-cattle rancher with a powerful message about health, diet, and the American food machine.


Organic Agriculture

Agricultura Orgánica - Puerto Rico
A website (in Spanish) dedicated to promoting organic agriculture in Puerto Rico through grower and consumer education.  With crop care sheets, links, resources for local organic produce, and more.

Organic Trade Association
Lots of great information on organic agriculture, including suppliers of organic produce and sources of organic fertilizers, pest control products and other items for organic growers.


Ornamental Gingers

All About Gingers
Dave Skinner's incredible information-packed website on gingers, with over 1,000 photos of Alpinias, Costus, Curcumas, Globbas, Hedychiums, Kaempferias, Zingibers, and other gingers.
An interesting site with valuable information on cultivation of gingers and other tropical plants in the temperate climate of Houston, Texas.

Vivero Anones
A friend's farm in nearby Las Marías, Puerto Rico, with heliconias and exotic tropical fruits as well as ornamental gingers


Plant Based Diet
Thought provoking essays and information, cartoons and other great resources on vegan vs carnivorous diets by cartoonist Dan Piraro.

Christian Vegetarian Association
Vegetarianism from a Christian point of view.  Excellent website with excellent resources and links.

Recipes for The Vegan/Vegetarian Diet
Lots of great recipes for delicious plant based food.

The Vegetarian Resource Group
An excellent online resource for plant based diet information, including books and recipes, nutrition information and lots of other great stuff!

Vegetarianism 101:  The "Nuts & Oats" of Plant-based Eating
An overview of the basics of a plant based diet.  Learn how to reduce the probability of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer through diet and lifestyle changes.

Vegetarian Nutrition
Professional educational resource from the American Dietetic Association that is free of industry bias and ads.  Promote whole plant foods nutrition to a diet-crazed public with fact sheets, research, and scientific articles.

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World
1,866 vegan recipes - so far - in English, lots more in other languages, by the International Vegetarian Union.

Vegetarian Times
Information-packed website with lots of recipes, health-related articles, links and more.  Also publish a great magazine.


Plant Societies

California Rare Fruit Growers
This is a great society that publishes the Fruit Gardener magazine.  The website is also packed with information about rare fruits.

Equinoccio de Puerto Rico
An informal rare plant group that meets twice a year in Puerto Rico to trade and sell unusual tropicals.  Check out the website for meeting information.

Heliconia Society International
The number one international society for heliconias and related plants of the Zingiberales order.

Heliconia Society of Puerto Rico
A great group with members throughout Puerto Rico.  Check out the heliconia photo gallery and the online newsletter!

International Palm Society
A great website with lots of information on palms!


Puerto Rican Birds 

Avibase - Bird Checklist for Puerto Rico
Checklist of 346 bird species found in Puerto Rico, with scientific name, common name in English, and status (endemic, rare, endangered, etc.). 

Endemic Birds of Puerto Rico
Photos and audio of 24 Puerto Rican endemic birds with scientific names, and common names in Spanish and English.



Families and Genera in GRIN (Germplasm Resources Information Network)
For those interested in plant classification, this site has a lot of great taxonomic information accepted by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Missouri Botanical Garden
The TROPICOS site is packed with information on plant nomenclature and original taxonomic references.


Tropical Fruit References

Fruits from America
An information packed website about fruits from the Americas.

Fruits of Warm Climates
The 1987 classic on tropical fruits by Julia Morton.

Underutilized Tropical Fruits of Thailand
A 2001 FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) publication which is online.  Has great information on 35 minor fruits of Thailand.




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