Garcinia brasiliensis (Clusiaceae) 

Common Names 

English: bakupari

Spanish: bakupari, pacura, guapomo 

Portuguese (Brazil): bacupary, bacoropary 


Origin and Distribution 

Native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Cultivated sporadically in tropical regions.


Botanical Synonyms 

Rheedia brasiliensis. 



Medium sized tree, from 30-45 feet (9-14 m) tall, with a symmetrical, dense crown. The leaves are simple and opposite, dark green and 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) long. The tree has yellow latex which exudes from wounds. The flowers are white and fragrant, and produced in axillary clusters. The fruit is ovoid, pointed at the distal end, about 2 inches (5 cm) in length, and has a thick, orange peel which is easily broken to reveal a white, sweet sour, aromatic pulp surrounding from one to three seeds.



Propagation and Culture

Bakupari is propagated by seed. It grows best in fertile soil with abundant moisture, and the trees tolerate shade. Bakupari may take form 7-10 years to produce fruit, but even young trees are very productive, often bearing 500 fruits or more.  In Puerto Rico, the bakupari fruits in July and August.


Cultivars and Related Species

There are no named cultivars of bakupari. Related species include Garcinia macrophylla (bacuripari o charichuela), G. madruno (madroņo), G. magnifolia (also called madroņo) and G. gardneriana (bacuparo o bacuri-mirim). 



Bakupari is primarily consumed fresh, but is also used to make juices and jellies. 

The seeds are used medicinally as a poultice on wounds.  The tree, with its glossy green leaves and symmetrical shape, is also a beautiful ornamental. 


More information on bakupari 


A description of the fruit by Julia Morton in her book, "Fruits of Warm Climates".


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